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Future Projects

Hello Everyone:
ooops this asymmetrical vest with flat construction methods got put on hold. The project will prove to be as exciting as the rest of my projects. I drew my inspiration for this project from a winter close-out special I just couldn't live without. Hopefully you won't be able to live without the pattern to create your own inspirational-driven interpretation.

I'm also working on a very unique Wine Bag with raw edges, an on board Pencil Case, Cosmetic Bags and Cell Phone Girlfriend Bags. Watch for patterns available after Qult Festival. Link to these
NEW PATTERNS here. YEA there done!

I just finished a NEW Grommets Gone Wild Jacket pattern.
Link to it here  or on the Grommet  page
Another project I'm working on is a Cabanna Danna Jacket
Inspired by my sister Danna's trip to Mexico. The jacket will be loose fitting and carefree. Perhaps just wearing it will take you away to Mexico or any other destination.

See you at the next sewing show or on a PBS television show or here on the web.

All My Best
Luveta :)
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