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Old Blues News

March 11th, 2015
Wheeeew...I finally decided to take some time off the road and update this terribly tired newsletter. With that being said I'm so excited about the NEW Grommets Gone Wild Jacket Pattern I can hardly type fast enough. The Jacket requires 3 pairs of old jeans but it would be beautiful out of fashion fabric too.

Unlike my other patterns designed for Jeans Grommets Gone Wild features a 3 piece sleeve so it is much easier to cut out of different colors or Jeans that are not wide enough to accomodate the sleeves armseye in the larger sizes.

The Jacket showcases 10 Grommets down the front Jacket band and 2 on each cuff for a total of 14. I package 15 grommet sets together so you'll have one to practice with. How about eliminating  the 4 on the cuff and make a matching bag with the extra grommets. WOW what a head turning outfit! 

SEWING TIP: Now a word on how to apply the grommets. You will love the fact that there is NO special tools required! (A good sharp small pair of scissors will be helpful)

With the purchase of any of my Grommets you will receive a perfect template to mark the placement. I labored over this marking detail for sometime and what else would a farm girl come up with... but a fender washer! It is the perfect size with a hole in the middle to achieve perfect placement  on the jacket front band.

Here's a hint: If you would happen to lose this valuable marking device a quarter is just a smidgin' smaller but when you cut on the outside line it will be the same size. The draw back is the quarter doesn't have a hole in the middle. 

 1. Mark the placement of the grommet by tracing around the washer.

 2.Make sure layers of Jacket front band are fused together to make cutting easier.

3. Cut out center of marking through all layers. Cut Accurately!

4. Insert grommet side with rim on underside and matching grommet with teeth on topside. Match inside rims.

5. Press firmly together until you hear a snap. I like to walk (with my fingers) around the grommet gently until it snaps. Do not use a hammer!

6. You can wash your garment with the grommets on gentle by putting the garment in a pillow case. I recommend Air drying only.

Designer Note: These plastic grommets will not go through 2 heavy layers of denim. If making a jacket the front band should have a lighter lining fabric for the facing.

I'm so excited about the grommets I really have "Gone Wild" with them. I'll try to post some pics next week of other Jackets or projects I've done with them. I'll sign off for now but believe me I'm inspired to keep you posted. For those of you that have read this entire newsletter I want to offer a Special during the month of July only for Free Shipping on any order over $20.00. To get this special you will have to call me with your credit card as Pay Pal is not set up for the special. 605-532-5625 I really appreciate your support and encouragement!

 Your Sewing Friend

Try my other popular  Expo Jacket pattern with sizes Sm - 3X. It requires 3 pair of jeans and certainly you can choose to make it out of any material of your choice.

I've also updated our Upside-Down Jacket Pattern by adding children's sizes 2-12. When you can get this one cut out you'll be surprised at how easy it is to finish.