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Pink Power Drill

(Apply Bleach with NO Splatter)
Package Includes:
Power Drill
Rechargeable Battery
(5) Grinder Stones
Minimal Instructions -
Velvet Bag

DVD pictured (NOT included)

$50.00 plus S&H    

Grinder Stones (Only)

Why not decorate with Bleach and a
PINK POWER Drill ? Only 12 pink drills left and 12 navy blue drills left.

Taking Orders NOW

The pair of jeans displayed at right are exclusive to this web page. They are not a project for order. Hope you draw inspiration from them.
  • Open inside leg seam.
  • Place cardboard under leg.
  • Apply bleach with drill and stone as per instructions with drill kit.
  • Embroider design over bleached area.
  • Add hot fix stones with hot stick wand.
  • Sew inside leg seam.

Enjoy your ready-to-wear designer jeans!
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