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Whooo Hooo The Grommet Jacket pattern is here and the wonderful grommets to go with it.

Bear with me as I feverishly work on an entirely NEW website! The anticipated finish date will be May 1st 2015. Please check back then and find a completely interactive, easy to order site!

Watch for NEW categories! For example: Smaller grommets, Rock Star Rivets, Ready-to-Wear garments, and some tutorials.

If you want to order grommets PLEASE call my phone so I can adjust the postage for you. Lucky for us the grommets are light weight  and our postage chart is WAY OFF. Please bear with us until we correct this matter. Thank You for your support and understanding!
Please click the links below to find

 Grommets  that require NO TOOLS!
Schmetz Needles
This page features:

Glam up your denim creations! You won't believe the sparkle

We have updated our show schedule and have added Pay Pal for your convenience.It is located on the specific product pages. Bear with us while we make the order form more user friendly! Thank You...... 
We want to take this opportunity to encourage NEW visitors to our web site and to THANK our loyal patrons for the past 20 years.

The Junk Jeans People is a company owned and operated by Luveta Nickels of Clark, South Dakota. She lives on a working farm and helps her husband, Steve Wicks, with a cattle operation. Her love of country living and her intrigue for making "Something from Nothing" is a perfect match for recycling old Jeans.

At a very young age, Luveta started collecting jeans not knowing that someday..... it would become her livelihood. Curious about the workings of zippers, tack buttons, rivets and even the purpose of holes in the knees, prepared Luveta in those early years, for cutting, ripping and tearing her current creations.

At one time she tried to count the mountains of collected blues but gave up somewhere around 3,000 pairs. She most recently started perusing the second hand stores for colored jeans to add to the pile.

Luveta has patterns, books, notions and many television appearances to her credit. She most enjoys traveling internationally and throughout the United States teaching sewing classes of all levels but specializing in recycling old jeans. Her students deem her classes as being Easy, Educational and Fun! Nicknamed "Jean Queen" and the "Denim Diva" by some of her attendees gives you an idea of how approachable and lighthearted Luveta can be. However, you won't leave any of her classes or lecture demos without
learning a no-nonsense, professional EASY way of assembly and technique. You'll think, "Why didn't I think of that?"

Please visit the pages that follow and find garment patterns, craft projects, quilts, notions and many ideas for your own denim creations

Hope your Day is Riveting!

Luveta Nickels