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Denim Jewelry
I would like to offer you this beautiful denim Jewelry to complete your denim creations. I've had so much fun and many compliments when I glam up using the swarovski crystal embellished jewelry!

You just won't believe the "Sparkle"

Call me if you have questions or want to buy combinations. 605-532-5625

         Black Denim Earring 71011   
   $18.00 Black
          Blue Denim Earring 71011                                       

 $18.00 Blue 

          71012 Black Denim Knot Earring
  $18.00 Black
              #71005 Blue Denim Dangle Earring

  $18.00 Blue
             # 71005 Black Denim Dangle Earring
  $18.00 Black
                # 71017 Denim Blue LG Earring

  $29.00 Blue

                  # 71021Black Denim Marque Slider    
  $32.00 Black

                 # 71021Blue Denim Marque Slider
 $32.00 Blue

            # 7101H-13 Hammered Choker With Marque Slider  
 $42.00 Blue Slider w/Choker

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