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           16-Lime     20-Turquoise   73-Hot Pink    99-Clear
     These grommets are translucent (slightly see through) so your fabric will show through somewhat. If you match the fabric it enhances the color of the grommet. If you choose a contrast fabric it will tend to muddy the color. More colors will be coming later or call me if you have a special request. 605-532-5625

Click here to link to to Grommets Gone Wild Jacket Pattern 

     The grommets below are metal looking but are made of light weight plastic. The black looks almost like a rich leather. I've found that the Antique copper has been the most popular. I apologize for the pics of the shiny ones they just don't come through accurately. Why not try painting on the white one. I can see polka dots and stripes. I'll try and post my experiment in a couple of weeks.
                   901-White     14-Black      993-Antique

     The grommets below are Spectacular in real life. I used the Brushed Gold on the NEW Grommets Gone Wild Jacket Pattern. The pics just don't do them justice. I know you'll love them just as I do! Remember these will also be great on bags and many craft items...
          02-Matte   905-Shiny  3-Brushed   904-Shiny
               Silver           Silver         Gold              Gold

Why not try the Beautiful Grommets Gone Wild Jacket Pattern? 
The Jacket requires 3 pairs of  jeans or try it in a Fabulous Fabirc.

          Grommetjacketfrontrevised       Grommet_jacket_back
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