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My Favorite Needles

The Schmetz line of superior needles are my favorites especially for sewing on denim. I'm honored to be choosen as one of their designers to represent such a quality needle. 

Order the needle pack below to achieve trouble free Denim sewing. You also might want to try my signature tool called the

You will receive a designer portfolio that will showcase different designers and their needle picks along with a FREE ABC needle guide. This valuable guide will give you a library of the different needles avaliable and how to use them!
Thank You to Schmetz  for making sewing and topstitching such a pleasure!  Luveta :)

Displaying the giant SCHMETZ needle pictured at the right Giant_Needlewas great fun and it created lots of interest in my booth. Be sure and visit the SCHMETZ web site for more needle selection and info.

The Needle Pack includes: 
(5) size 80/12 Denim 
(5) size 90/14 Denim
(5) size 90/14 Topsttich
Free ABC Guide 
Free Designer Portfolio (learn from other designers) 
Organza storage bag
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